It’s summer somewhere
Founded in 2022, Acqua makes modern, playful swim and resort wear with an emphasis on comfort, fit and impeccable fabrics. Travel, nature, architecture, and a deep connection to the ocean have helped meld our passion for the jet-setting lifestyle and design to create chic swimwear and resort wear. Each launch is, thus, inspired by a place that sparks the joy of holidays. And, every piece is designed with meticulous craftsmanship and an eye for detail.
At Acqua, we create clothing for like-minded go-getters who won’t wear something unless it’s novel in design. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Acqua is for the discerning tastemakers of today. Taking this narrative forward, our collections feature a diverse range of styles ready to be mixed and matched for various moods and destinations. In all our creations, you will discover a mood-boosting vibrancy that’s timely yet time-tested.
Acqua is what you need for summer somewhere. Just unplug and reconnect with your senses.